#Sunday Spotlight (002) - Vicke Young

Vicke Young, 17


National Youth Sailor


Q1: What class of boat do you sail, and when did you first discover your love for sailing?

I am currently sailing the Nacra 15 for Singapore and Byte for my school team. I’m not going to lie – when I first picked up sailing, I dreaded it. I even planned on completely retiring from sailing not once but twice, so I definitely did not expect myself to still be sailing for this long.

However, back in early 2017 when I first joined the multihull team, it somehow sparked a new energy within me. I didn’t know anyone in the team, but they were extremely welcoming and made me feel like a part of them. The closeness we shared as a team made every training session enjoyable, and I started to get a real adrenaline rush every time I sailed. That’s when I actually started to realise that I might just love sailing after all.

Q2: How do you balance sports and studies? Is there anything you wish you could change about your schedule?

Juggling both sailing and studies can be tough at times and I’ve had to sacrifice things like family time and a social life. As the only sailor in my family, it can be hard for them to understand anything sailing-related even after repeated explaining. However, they always make an effort to support my academic and sporting pursuits, and I owe whatever success I’ve achieved to them, as well as my amazing classmates who help me jot down notes whenever I’m gone for a week or two during periods of overseas competition.

If there was anything I could change about my schedule, it would be to have a couple more hours every week to spend with my family and friends, so I don’t feel as if I’m neglecting them.

Q3: Is there any particular diet you need to adhere to? Do you have cheat days where you’d just want to devour a burger?

As Asians, we are generally smaller-sized as compared to our European peers, which can sometimes work against us as we are much lighter on the boat. My coach has put me on a weight gain programme, so I do try to keep to a diet containing more protein and a larger portion size for building of muscle mass. We are also highly encouraged to have small healthy snacks throughout the day to increase our food intake.

I tend to have many cheat days a month as there are simply too many temptations around me. I make up for it by taking note of how many cheat meals I indulge in, and try to work extra hard during subsequent training sessions to burn it off.

Q4: What’s your jam when chilling at home or working out at the gym? If you had to pick hip-hop or jazz, which would it be?

Umm… I don’t really listen to either, so can I say none of the above? My go-to music would either be Shawn Mendes or C-pop songs whether I’m relaxing or working out. They calm me down when I’m stressed and hype me up when I’m feeling down.

Q5: If you could have superpower you wanted, what would it be?

I would want to be in control of the weather! Being able to control the elements would mean I can dictate how strong the winds are and make them move in my favour while racing. I would also not need to worry about getting sunburnt when training outdoors for many hours at a time, since I can control the clouds and use them as shade, or make it rain if the day gets too hot.

Marc Abel Lim
Marc Abel Lim